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May 29, 2023

Chelsea Players Are Alleged to Have Been Harassed and Blackmailed by Onlyfans Model Orla Melissa Sloan

Footballers are known for their penchant for flirting, especially when partying. It’s a dangerous combination of youth and money. Many women are interested in the player’s economic power so that they can meet women without their wives around. 

As a result of their relationship with 22-year-old model Orla Melissa Sloan, several Chelsea players have suffered in the past. The OnlyFans star who’s a real threat to the footballers she likes.

Which Chelsea Players Were Orla Melissa Sloan?

Currently, Ben Chilwell, Mason Mount, and Billy Gilmour are known to be involved. She harassed and blackmailed them when they ended their relationships with her. For her, it was like being in a relationship. Up to 21 football players’ phone numbers were in the model’s possession. After admitting three charges: harassing Chilwell, Mount, and Gilmour, she faces jail time.

Pep Guardiola Is In Love With the OnlyFans Model

These types of harassment do not only affect players. Pep Guardiola, for example, has his fans. One example is Elle Brooke, a boxing fan with 700,000 Instagram followers.

Betting Sites reports that a British woman praised the Spanish coach, stating that he is “very handsome” now that he has lost his hair. “He is like a Spanish king!” she said.

Furthermore, she described her favorite players as follows: “Greaish, Foden, Stones, Mason Mount, and Kyle Walker. I do not believe Mount will be joining City this summer, but I do not believe we will require him either.”

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