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July 22, 2022

Chloe, Demi, and Frankie Sims Sign £1 Million OnlyFans TV Deal After Quitting ITV Show

House of Sims will also include their brother Charlie, 30, and his new makeup artist, fiancée Georgia Shults, 30.

According to MailOnline, their deal with OFTV is a six-figure sum set to rise to millions with additional add-ons and earnings. In the upcoming few weeks, the new show will begin filming and be broadcast around the start of next year.

Some of the publicity photos for the series feature them dressed in leather outfits similar to those of the Kardashians. Following the Sims, as they travel to the USA and try to ‘go global’ away from Essex, this series will follow the family as they try to ‘go global.’

Instead of the parent site featuring nudity, the series will be available for smart TVs on the free OFTV app. Additionally, the family will open OnlyFans accounts that feature Instagram-style pictures without explicit content as part of the deal.

According to Chloe, the show will be a fly-on-the-wall insight into our life as a family. We are currently calling it House of Sims as a working title. Our viewers can join us on a big, unfiltered adventure that will be completely real.

The Sims is proud to be The Kardashians, but being compared to them all the time is a big compliment. Our goal is to become famous global with this new show.

Chloe, the show’s co-producer, said: “We want to become one of the best reality shows in the world.”. We have the full support of OFTV. I can’t wait to get started.

In my opinion, we should show ourselves naturally, showing all aspects of what we do.

As an example – sharing who we are, what we’re doing, and real-life situations first thing in the morning – this is the first authentic look into our world.

Demi and Frankie added a statement: This is a glimpse into our daily lives for fans.
A new show format will allow fans to get to know all of us.

As soon as they see what we’ve been up to on OFTV, they’ll understand why we moved to OnlyFans.

The British tech company’s biggest investment in original, creator-driven content. Fans who have followed the sisters for years were stunned when they announced they were leaving TOWIE on Friday.

It seems only fans want their tanks on the lawn of ITV; a source told MailOnline. ‘They are trying to break into mainstream television – everyone thinks it will be huge.’

According to an official statement on TOWIE’s Instagram Story, Chloe Sims decided to leave the show after over a decade.

Since her arrival on TOWIE, Chloe has been an iconic presence. Together with a highlight reel of her time on the show, they wished Chloe all the best for the future.

It has been a life-changing experience working on TOWIE for many years, and I would like to thank ITV and Lime Pictures for their generosity. It never occurred to me that 12 years after my first TOWIE scene, I would be saying goodbye to the show.

Many lifelong memories have been made with friends, the cast, and the crew. My experience has also been shared with several family members over the years. I am forever grateful for that alone.

Lastly, we would like to thank our loyal fans who have supported us through thick and thin during our ups and downs. My fans have made this experience one I won’t forget, and I will carry the love and support from them into my next chapter.

In June, Chloe’s cast members were spotted filming in the Dominican Republic for the latest TOWIE series. Chloe was spotted going about her day in Essex as the cast touched down in Puta Cana.

According to reports, Demi and Frankie were considering their reality show. According to Keily Blair, Chief Strategy & Operations Officer, OnlyFans, this partnership is part of the company’s broader strategy to reach highly-engaged fans across various genres.

It reflects how OnlyFans is a disruptor, empowering creative talent by putting power back in their hands. The Sims are moving away from scripted broadcast media and towards direct connections with their fans.

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