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January 15, 2024

Cofounder of OnlyFans, Tom Stokely, Joins Global Airlines

Tom Stokely, cofounder of OnlyFans, has stepped into the aviation industry as a director of Global Airlines. Stokely, who sold OnlyFans to Leo Radvinsky, has focused on redefining first-class travel.

Aviation Reimagined

Global Airlines aims to revolutionize air travel after it was founded in 2021. All passengers are served Laurent-Perrier Champagne on board, as well as chauffeur services and social spaces to alleviate the discomforts associated with commercial air travel. Even though the startup has yet to take off, it already owns four Airbus A380 aircraft.

Business Interests of Stokely

Along with his aviation ventures, Stokely has engaged in other business ventures. Watobe, an online math platform, is one of his investments, and he is also a director of the company. Terleys Investments was formed by him and his family in 2023.

Airlines: A Game-Changer

The airline’s founder, James Asquith, invited Stokely to participate on the board of Holiday Swap, Asquith’s home booking platform. 

A new carrier, Global Airlines, is planning to fly between London and New York, competing with established carriers. 

Despite this, the startup’s move into the aviation industry has met with scepticism, especially given its highly competitive routes. The airline has not yet commented on these developments.


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