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September 13, 2022

Colleagues Defend Teacher Who Quit For OnlyFans After Earning $865k From Sexy Photos

It was “no regrets” for Courtney Tillia to swap teaching for OnlyFans fame and fortune – and she has the support of “underpaid” colleagues in her former field.

She became an OnlyFans star after quitting teaching. Courtney Tillia from Arizona wasn’t earning much as a special needs tutor.

She joined an adult subscription site three years ago to supplement her income.

Some have scoffed at the 36-year-old’s career change, but former colleagues have defended her.

Several teachers have messaged Courtney to complain about being underpaid – and some have even considered following in her footsteps and selling sexy snaps.

A supporter told TMZ: “Amazing! My wife is a teacher and is also considering an OnlyFans account.” A third said: “Educators are crucial to the future, but they are severely underpaid and unappreciated.”.

Another wrote: “As a veteran educator, I’m not mad at all. Let her live her rich ass life!”

Lastly, a fourth person said, “It’s too bad she had to change careers. We need more teachers, but they also need a career that pays well. “Millionaires are wonderful because they don’t just pay a mortgage.”

Across her three OnlyFans accounts, Courtney says she’s racked up more than $1 million (around £865,000). If she had taught, she would have earned the same amount in 25 years – so she certainly does not regret her decision.

Her husband and four children moved from Arizona to LA during this process.

With her extra earnings, the former teacher has also enjoyed lavish trips to Hawaii, Colombia, and Jamaica.

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