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November 17, 2021

Danni Menzies Said She and Her Sister Considered Making an Account on OnlyFans

The 32-year-old and her sister were planning on starting an OnlyFans during a lockdown, where they were going to “squish meals with their feet.”

But the A Place In The Sun presenter decided not to because she would rather “eat the food.” instead.

Danni responded to a fan who questioned if she had an OnlyFans account.

She filmed herself shaking her head in response, adding on her Instagram Story: “Although my sister and I nearly started one during a lockdown.”

“We were going to squish the food with our feet but chose to eat it instead.”

She revealed that she receives more than 300 offensive messages whenever she appears on the Channel 4 travel show.

Although most of the show’s fans are unique, there are some that she has to “block and delete.”

Ratings have skyrocketed since lockdown, she told ED. It’s not a worse thing to take a little escape from time to time, and it can whet your appetite for when you can travel again.”

Danni added: “I’d be surprised if we didn’t all have received X-rated pictures after co-host Laura Hamilton revealed she had received X-rated photos.

As soon as I got the job, it was one of the first things to happen.

“I considered finding the guy’s mother on Facebook and sending it to her, but I decided not to. It would have scared her,” she said.

She said, “It’s a funny one that people think they can do things like that – and they can be quite offensive.”

Danni said she has an “inbox of messages on my Facebook and Instagram” that she only glances at when she’s with her best friend or her sister “having a few drinks and they let me see.”

“I get 300 every time I air the show,” she said.

“They say, ‘Can you give us a minute to talk? ‘What about Friday?’ Just from Jim, who is 65, and I asked him, ‘Really, Jim?

I never responded. I didn’t. Delete and block.”

Danni insisted it doesn’t affect her mental health, but she did share that she felt “dying inside” when she first appeared on the show.

When she joined the hit Channel 4 show, things seemed to have come to a head for her, as she has spoken of depression and mental health issues.

“I guess I hid it when it all happened,” Danni said.

My first job as a model or commercial was always these forms, and one of the things I had to write was whether I had been suffering from depression or anything else related to my mental health in the last three years.

“I used to lie about it all the time. Since I was trained to hide it, I pretended it didn’t exist when I started on A Place In The Sun.

“I was dying inside during my first three shows. It felt like I was sick, I was sweating, but it was just anxiety.

“I used to try to hide it and get on with it, and my mentality has always been to keep going even if it makes you feel bad or out of your comfort zone.

As you practice something, it becomes easier.

“At first, I felt it a lot, but I pushed through it, and it became less and less.

I no longer notice it when I’m working.

It allows me to relax, have fun, and enjoy myself. It certainly took me a while to feel like that.

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