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September 2, 2023

Dasha Daley of OnlyFans Is Subjected To a Noise Complaint While Making Balloon Videos

One of the neighbours of an OnlyFans model who makes raunchy videos involving balloon pops has complained to the authorities that the noise is disturbing the neighbourhood.

For three months, Dasha Daley, 28, has been filming videos using balloons at her apartment in Leederville, near Perth’s CBD.

According to the 28-year-old, who produces adult content on the platform for a living, he receives several daily requests to satisfy the fetishes of ‘looners’ – people who are sexually attracted to balloons.

A handful of balloons are popped each day by, Mrs Daley, and she attempts to pop them during business hours while her neighbours are at work – but not all of her neighbours agree.

According to Perth Now, he (the neighbour) came downstairs, knocked on my door, and told me to stop popping balloons.

As I tried to calm him down, I explained that I do this for work. However, he is very concerned about everything. The fact that this is my job and livelihood is of no concern to him. It was just a laugh.

Approximately 20 requests per week for loonier videos were received by the content creator as of Tuesday, according to Ms. Daley. Her earnings range from $200 to $300 per video. Ms Daley also owns her apartment, while her neighbour rents.

In addition, the 28-year-old shares content with her and balloons. Sometimes, she pops balloons, and sometimes, she plays with them. One request was to ride a six-foot balloon naked until it popped.

Recently, Ms. Daley created a video explaining her state of mind and confirming her return to the workplace.

She explained that being a content creator could get very ‘lonely and boring’, so the change of pace was very welcome to her. She said, “I feel so much better than spending all day at home creating content.”

Her return to the adult-only platform wasn’t until she discovered looners that she felt a sense of purpose and a sense of belonging.

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