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January 20, 2024

‘Dating’ Her Best Friend’s Husband Via OnlyFans Was The Biggest Surprise She Ever Received

Models on OnlyFans have spoken out after having relationships with their best friends’ husbands.

In an Instagram post earlier this week, Honey Brooks revealed that she had woken up to find out that she had ‘broken up a friend’s marriage.’

Her Instagram video discusses how she found tons of messages relating to ‘maybe six months ago’ one ‘sub’ (subscriber) on her OnlyFans page.

There is no way to identify people who subscribe to OnlyFans’ pages, Brooks says. According to her, they may sign up under a false name, and they may use whatever name they want. We do not see any information about them except for their display picture and name, which most do not have.

“Subscribers aren’t allowed to share their email addresses or anything like that, so joining our website is super private.” But what did this one subscriber do?

As far as the model is concerned, ‘all’ of her content was purchased within the first week. According to her, “I have so much that it was absolutely crazy.” As Brooks explained, the user spent every night online doing what we do at night.

Brooks suggested her ‘girlfriend experience’ after getting through all her content, which the user then bought for ‘three months straight.’

A content creator adds, “No one usually goes over the month.”

Brooks spent ‘a lot of intimate time’ with the user after they purchased the package, the pair communicating ‘every day’. When Brooks learned who the user was, it wasn’t quite as good for one particular relationship.

After the user suddenly disappeared, Brooks thought it was ‘bizarre,’ but now he sees the light. Apparently, the content creator’s ‘best friend’ and the user’s wife found out about their interaction.

Additionally, Brooks has met him more than once and has a personal relationship with him. According to her, “We go out on family dates with all our families for dinner. It’s a great job, but sometimes it’s so strange.” Content creator wonders if she has unknowingly been having an affair with her best friend’s husband. There has been a lot of debate over the issue.

If you are married and have an Only Fans account, you are already having an affair.

When you said that, I still was shooketh. I thought that was absolute madness!, said another. Thirdly: “Wow, you just saved my best friend!”

Honey revealed in a follow-up video that his sub had managed to convince his wife that Honey knew who he was the entire time.

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