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July 18, 2022

It Is Worse To Sell a Body To The Army Than To Do It For Pornography, According to Mia Khalifa

On her late-night talk show, Ziwe, former Pornhub legend Mia Khalifa said it was better to sell your body to OnlyFans than to be in the Army.

After comparing being in the Army to selling explicit content online, former Pornhub legend Mia Khalifa stirred up controversy.

Mia, 29, answered questions about selling your body on OnlyFans in a segment of the late-night talk show Ziwe.

She even claimed that making porn on the internet is worse than being a soldier.

As Ziwe Fumudoh said in the segment, which has gained more than 248,000 likes on TikTok: “We have OnlyFans, then the sex work industry, and then actors.”.

“Does there really exist a difference between these industries or are we all fundamentally selling out our bodies in some way?”

According to that definition, being in the Army is worse than being on OnlyFans. You’re selling your body to the government.” In response, the host said, “Wow.”

Some TikTok fans believed she was right, while others believed she was disrespectful to the military.

According to one user, “Mia single-handedly dismantled the concept of war.” However, I think he made a very good point.” According to a third, “at least in the army, you contribute to society.”

In the opinion of a fourth, “One career is selfless and honourable. The other is taking on five dudes at once and humiliating them. They’re not the same.”

In stitched videos that Mia shared with her Instagram story, some soldiers responded to the clip by agreeing with what Mia said.

According to one soldier, “I get f***ed a million different ways by the government.”

“She’s onto something,” said another.

“Where is my similar paycheck?” asked a third. After channeling her inner “nature girl,” Khalifa wowed her fans with a series of sultry holiday snaps.

As part of her Instagram Story, she shared a series of images with her 27.8million Instagram followers on her Story, first appearing in a lavish villa’s pool. It’s unclear where she is at the moment.

She posed in the first photograph in a pink bikini and sunglasses and captioned it, “Am I still a nature girl if nature comes with a concierge and heated toilet seats?”

Later, she showed off where she was staying, complete with a maze of pools and perfectly arranged trees.

While relaxing in front of an infinity pool, Mia can smile while sipping a drink. She is wearing a flowing navy blue dress.

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