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March 2, 2023

Despite Being Diagnosed With Rare Cancer, The OnlyFans Model With A Bald Head Still Earns £66,000 a Year

There was a consistent explanation for Mya Richardson’s persistent symptoms as ‘unbalanced hips.’

Despite undergoing cancer treatment, a woman made $80,000 on OnlyFans and said “men love” her bald head.

Despite suffering from side pain since she was 15, 21-year-old Mya Richardson had been told it was caused by “unbalanced hips”.

A painful lump began to form on the left side of Mya’s lower abdomen, so she was referred to a specialist.

After a biopsy, a 12cm mass was determined to be spindle cell sarcoma, a tumor that can develop in either bone or soft tissue.

After starting treatment immediately, she underwent four chemotherapy sessions and 25 radiotherapy sessions. However, despite constant pain, Mya remains positive and makes $66,000 (£80,000) a year on OnlyFans.

“When I found out I had cancer, it was a big shock,” said Mya, a content creator from Lansing, Michigan, US.

My first thought was that it was just a big cyst. The lump still hurts a lot.

“My job depends on my appearance, so losing my hair would negatively affect my mental health.

The bald look is popular among men. The first time I posted without a wig, I received positive feedback.

“Mya first spotted the lump on her side in January 2022 after years of pain.

Throughout my life, I’ve been told I have unbalanced hips. I noticed a lump forming, and it was really painful.”

A specialist diagnosed Mya’s lump as cancer in May 2022.

“The specialist immediately diagnosed cancer,” she said.

I initially thought it was just a cyst that was easy to remove. Due to the tumor’s aggressiveness, in September 2022, a spindle cell sarcoma diagnosis was made.

Despite noticing that it was spreading to her lungs, they were able to stop it.” Her chemotherapy treatment started later that month, and she just completed 25 sessions of radiotherapy in January 2023.

Although Mya has lost her hair due to the treatment, she has remained confident and has accepted her new bald appearance.

Her treatment has allowed her to continue working on Only Fans.

Mya said: “I can still support myself and my family. “I still have a high level of confidence in myself.

At first, I wore wigs because I was worried about what people might think. “Now, I post a lot without my wig. “Many of them offer support.”


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