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February 3, 2024

Despite Having a Decal Promoting Her OnlyFans Page, a Florida Mom Wasn’t Allowed To Drop Off Her Kids At A Private Christian School

According to sources, a Florida mom’s car decal promoting her adult content on OnlyFans has barred her from dropping off her kids there.

The owner of Piper Fawn on OnlyFans, Michelle Cline, told Business Insider that her SUV and husband’s car are covered in decals promoting her page. About two years had passed since the vehicles had permanent decals.

The images were not displayed at Liberty Christian Preparatory School in Tavares until three weeks ago, Cline told BI. The decal was a “distraction” for Lexy Thomas, a parent at the school.

“Even if I’m a poor parent or a good parent, they’re going to see porn when they go into a classroom that should educate them.”

Her children now must cross a busy road to get to school after Cline complained to the principal about parking off-campus.

The decal could ruffle feathers, Cline said, but she feels like parents project their prejudices on kids who are seemingly not bothered by it.

It isn’t a big deal to two of her three children, who attend the school.

It’s just a website; there’s no explicit language or inappropriate content here. “In the Walmart parking lot, too,” Cline added.

In an interview with Business Insider, Cline said she intends to stand her ground despite other parents’ suggestions that she remove the decal.

“If somebody complains because they’re offended, I won’t back down,” Cline said.

Even though her OnlyFans gig may offend some, she told BI it’s “certainly not illegal.”

“As Cline explained to Fox 12 Oregon, her actions are legal because she pays taxes; she’s not breaking the law. Instead, she offended people.”

It is now her children’s safety that is the main concern for Cline.
In her letter to BI, she requested that the school install a crosswalk or at least provide someone to assist her kids in crossing the road safely. BI’s request for comment was yet to be responded to by Liberty Christian Preparatory School.

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