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March 22, 2022

Despite Having Brain Surgery, I ‘Kept Taking Nudes’ In My Hospital Bed For OnlyFans

Ruby May is always up for taking nude photos. Despite undergoing brain surgery, the 25-year-old remained devoted to her followers.

While recovering from surgery on March 4, she took NSFW snaps and posted a steady stream on her fan page.

Jam Press reported that she took nudes in her hospital gown the day after surgery, as she could not bring herself to stop working.

She was experiencing frequent bouts of dizziness and headaches that lasted for about 10 seconds each time.

May went to the doctor and found out she had a rare condition known as Chiari malformation, caused by a twisted skull region that puts pressure on the spinal cord.

The brunette has amassed over 421,000 followers on Instagram under the handle @famous4mypersonality and told the outlet that she had made millions through OnlyFans. But her enormous presence on the adult content subscription service has helped pay for her brain surgery.

“Everyone thinks my life is so easy because of OnlyFans,” the influencer said.

A private hospital charged her $20,000 AUD (about $14,772 USD) for her three-hour operation. She believes her headaches are a sign from the universe. She decided to get an MRI to find out the cause of her pain despite her misfortune.

“I would never have thought anything of it [the headaches], but I had two friends who had brain surgery the same year,” she added. Her medical team told May that she could become paralyzed if she didn’t have surgery.

Although she was initially apprehensive about going under the knife, she admitted, “it was really scary waking up in the ICU.”

The doctors checked on her every hour to ensure no brain damage. For a while, I couldn’t lift my head correctly because I had a catheter in for 24 hours.” I have been in a lot of pain, but it’s all going to get better, and hopefully, I won’t have to deal with it again,” May said. “It was one of the hardest things I’ve had to deal with, but I’m glad to have my job with the money and flexibility to make it work.”

In May’s words, her fans are “mostly concerned” for her well-being, and she is “close” with them, almost like they are her friends.

I was told that I should take a break from working despite the admiration they showed for my nudes. It doesn’t feel like work when you love your job,” May observed.

A social media star shared a health update with her fans on March 8 and thanked them for their well-wishes. May wrote, “Thank you for all your well wishes and visits. I am grateful for friends, grateful for health care, and grateful for the 83-year-old lady who kept me entertained by exercising while she was supposed to be on bed rest.”

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