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May 14, 2023

Despite Making $150,000 Per Month to Buy $10,000 Cartier Bracelets, the OnlyFans Star Claims Her Parents Disowned Her Because of Her Career

Her Instagram Q&A revealed she has no close relationship with her family; however, she boasted about her expensive taste, including her affinity for Cartier jewelry.

What was your family’s reaction to OnlyFans? Asked a fan. In response, Mikaela said: ‘They disowned me and haven’t spoken to me since.’ Testa also said she loves Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry, like the brand’s Love bracelets that retail for about $10,000. Is it worth it to have Van Clef bracelets? Asked another fan.

‘It is irritating that you must take it off every time you swim,’ she said. Each one is $6700, and I’m just a Cartier girl, but I wanted something different. Testa has made her fortune by sharing racy photos of herself with subscribers on the X-rated website OnlyFans.

When she discovered that Instagram had stopped showing the number of likes on all her posts in 2019, she was mocked online.

Testa says people keep spamming her with messages telling her to get a real job. She previously said, As part of her job, she must pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes each year. In 2020, she revealed she spent $1.4 million in just 12 months, including $281,000 in November.

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