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March 7, 2022

Despite Revealing She Is Happier Earning $969 a Day, a Marketing Manager Claims She Was Fired After Discovering Her OnlyFans Account

She claims a colleague dobbed her in after her boss discovered her OnlyFans account and fired her. After less than a week of work, Isabelle Knight, 25, from Brisbane, was fired.

According to her, a new colleague found her on the X-rated site and told management about it.

The former marketing manager started OnlyFans in September 2020 to save money for a house, but she never imagined it would become so successful.

Annabelle made thousands in just a month and used it as a side project to her full-time job for the next 18 months, averaging $1,794 per month.

Sharing saucy photos of herself online now earns her an average of $969 per day.

Annabelle told Jam Press, ‘I’m much happier and have a lot more freedom now that I’ve been fired to some degree.

‘I make a considerable amount more now than I did at the previous job.’ She also has an Instagram account called ‘two teaspoons’ that reviews food.

They upset a local restaurant owner last month by suggesting a ‘collaboration’ where they would get free food in exchange for publicity on their page.

Ms. Knight and Ms. Groves received a public response from the owner, telling them they shouldn’t be asking for free products when the hospitality industry is still recovering after Covid. They should instead be helping local eateries rather than taking advantage of them.

I apologize for the delay…I’ve been debating how much rage to demonstrate/throw at you,’ the owner wrote. ‘I have decided to take the high road and explain a few things to you in hopes that you will learn something and become a better person.

Reaching out to an unknown venue searching for free stuff is a s***y thing to do at the best of times. The problem is even worse when Covid is still very much a thing, affecting small businesses like ours for over two years now.

Annabelle said she was asked whether she had any side businesses when she was fired. ‘I replied no, assuming she [my manager] meant retail businesses that were tax deductible,’ she replied.

‘I couldn’t imagine how she’d found my OnlyFans since it was unsearchable at that point, and I had capped my fans at about 1,000, where they’d remained for about a year.

A message was sent to me, offering me the chance to explain myself. ‘They had written all the reasons why I deserved to lose my job.

I was shocked.

Her firing, according to Annabelle, was due to three reasons, including publishing content on ‘an online site with pornographic images,’ as well as conducting a business with approval from her employer and ‘falsely stating’ she had no side jobs.

One of the model’s coworkers was also a subscriber, and her boss was shown the X-rated photos by her colleague.
A few hours after Annabelle’s meeting, she received an email informing her that she had been laid off.

I did not promote my OnlyFans anywhere, so I can only assume that someone at my office subscribed to them and sent the evidence to my boss,’ she said.

My anger was sparked when someone who subscribed to my page reshared my content. It would have been sufficient to have a simple conversation.

I know what I have posted, so I did not need it to be reshared. Annabelle has now earned her own back despite being fired and in an uncomfortable situation. She used to earn $88,000 a year in her marketing job – now she’s making $30,000 a week.

She only works six hours a day. TikTok users recently watched a video by the model explaining her controversial firing, which received 215,000 views before being deleted.
Since then, she has reshared the video and criticized social media users.

A second social media user commented: ‘I hope you’re seeking mental health assistance for all the hate you’re receiving and to help you with your narcissistic nature.’

Annabelle responded by saying: ‘I’m not narcissistic AT ALL. I’m the most selfless, generous, caring person you do not know because you do not know me.’

Another commenter said, “Great role model for girls.”. sux s**t [sic].’


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