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September 21, 2023

Deyaris Perez Announces Her OnlyFans Removal From Liga MX

Originally a footballer, now a model, she dreams of being a biologist or a doctor. When a door closes, a window opens, according to Deyaris Perez.

The former Liga MX Femenil player doesn’t have a team for the current season, but that hasn’t stopped her fans from enjoying her beauty.

With OnlyFans, the website for publishing and consuming material aimed at adult audiences, the former Leon and Puebla player has ventured into adult entertainment.

Thongs to Football Boots

Having gained 355,000 followers on Instagram as @deyaris_arai, the Mexican-American player had to give up her football career to place herself in the sensuality market via OnlyFans.

Although Deyaris, born in Texas, did not achieve her goals on the field during the Clausura 2022 tournament, she doesn’t rule out returning, although for the time being, she wants to show off her skills on OnlyFans and what she can do.

Her announcement and a photo of her back in front of a mirror earned her nearly 50,000 likes, delighting the thousands of La Fiera fans who admire her daily.

Deyaris Perez: Who Is She? One More to Join OnlyFans

Originally from Houston, Texas, Deyaris Arai Perez plays football.

Her future OnlyFans subscribers will be lucky because she didn’t get many opportunities when she joined Puebla Femenil in Clausura 2021.

On Instagram, she posts photos that make you feel good. Deyaris Perez worked as a model after finishing school and before going into professional football.

At the moment, Deyaris Perez plans to sell photos on OnlyFans and start her own business, where she will be the boss and wait for new customers. She wants to be a biologist or doctor in the future.


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