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November 25, 2023

Did Iggy Azalea Make USD 48 Million From OnlyFans? Displacing Rumors About Her Earnings

The twinkling success stories of other celebs and Iggy Azalea’s reported USD 48 million.

The Australian rapper Iggy Azalea reportedly earned USD 48 million on her OnlyFans account, according to unconfirmed reports on social media. Her earnings put her ahead of Cardi B and Tyga as the highest-earning celeb on the platform. 

But, these claims still need to be officially verified, which raises questions about their validity. Let’s get into the world of OnlyFans rumors!

Unfounded hype

A rumor is circulating that Iggy Azalea made 48 million from OnlyFans. But there’s a catch—no solid sources have confirmed this. We’re here to clear the air. It’s like an internet telephone.

In January 2023, Iggy Azalea joined the OnlyFans scene, offering fans a behind-the-scenes look at her creative process. Her monthly subscription includes adult content, music, and more. It was rumored 307,000 dollars in 24 hours, and Iggy called it a “cap.”

Take a Look At the Other Artists on OnlyFans

Cardi B’s OnlyFans haul is USD 45 million, while Iggy’s is up in the air. Not just whispers, but dollars are at stake when she shares her success.  

Tyga also spilled the only fans’ riches. On OnlyFans, he banked USD 20 million before launching his platform, Myystar.

From April to November 2021, Bhad Bhabie raked in USD 38.6 million. Numbers were flashed, and they were true. The rapper is making a lot of money with OnlyFans.

Multi-talented Chris Brown isn’t just making hits in the studio — he’s also making money with OnlyFans. It has become his creative playground, thanks to USD 15 million in the bank.

It’s hard to separate fact from fiction in OnlyFans. Despite Iggy’s rumored millions, these verified success stories show that OnlyFans makes connecting with fans more accessible than ever.


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