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March 16, 2022

Domenica Calarco Shuts Down Her OnlyFans Account After a Co-Star Discovered a Racy Photo on Her Account

After another bride discovered one of her racy photos, Domenica Calarco had to close her OnlyFans account.

As the Daily Mail Australia can reveal, the Sydney makeup artist, 30, saw red after producers forced her to cancel her subscription to the adults-only website.

Olivia Frazer, Domenica’s arch-rival, reportedly discovered the raunchy page and alerted her co-stars.

She felt embarrassed and let down that none of the other brides told her they had seen the photo.

‘But at the same time, Domenica made no effort to try and hide her account.’

The on-set source said Olivia discovered Domenica’s OnlyFans account while digging for dirt on her rival and used it to embarrass her.

Dom had actively promoted Olivia’s OnlyFans profile on YouTube and even had a Twitter account dedicated to it.

‘But Domenica had a few hundred dollars a week coming in from OnlyFans, which helped her pay the rent.

The loss of that little extra income was not pleasant for her.

After learning that her co-stars had seen her ‘naked’ photo, Domenica considered filing a police report but backed down when producers urged her to use the controversy.

On Monday, a MAFS trailer confirmed that the OnlyFans account would be the talk of the next dinner party.

The cast reportedly shared the raunchy photo at the center of the scandal, sparking a hunt for the person who first leaked it. 

‘F**k, why are people talking about that?’ an embarrassed Samantha Moitzi laughs when producers ask her about the photo.

Selina Chhaur explains that the photo showed a bride in a birthday suit with her bum up.

The trailer ends with Domenica’s on-screen ‘husband’ Jack Millar screaming: ‘Everyone has seen a picture of you naked!’


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