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February 13, 2024

Donna D’Errico’s Thoughts On OnlyFans and Faith

Thanks to OnlyFans, Donna D’Errico is more confident than ever.

During the photo shoot with PETA, the “Baywatch” actress stripped down fully nude, giving Fox News Digital access to behind-the-scenes footage.

Despite feeling more at ease in her skin, D’Errico admits her priest may disapprove of what she posts on the adult subscription-based site.

Her faith has never been questioned, but working on OnlyFans has caused her to doubt some of her beliefs.

“It gets a little confusing sometimes, but I’m not doing anything, so I’ll be honest,” D’Errico said. “No porn stardom, no sleeping, no nothing. I’m just having fun.”

The priest asked, “Is it OK if I do this?” He said, “No, it’s not OK.’ But now I know I’m at peace. As women, we are capable of being all of them. You don’t have to be the OnlyFans girls or the elegant, classy girls dressed demurely – you can be everything.”

“I like simplicity and sexiness. Dressing up in a lovely, elegant way is also a big part of my style. If a woman wants to, she can.”

“Would it be sinful to ask my priest, ‘Is this OK?’ He would say, ‘No, it’s not OK.’ I feel that women are capable of all of the above.”

On a popular adult site, she clarified one major misunderstanding.

My goal is to clear up the misconception that everyone on OnlyFans does pornography. Fox News Digital reported in December that it simply isn’t true.

“There’s a growing understanding of that now. Celebrities are on there now. People associate OnlyFans with porn, which was the primary thing that happened there for a long time. You don’t have to do it just because you’re on OnlyFans.”

She has built an incredibly lucrative business on only fans and gained “tens of thousands of online boyfriends” since joining the photo-sharing site last year. Her confidence in herself is another perk.

“Before I found OnlyFans, I was comfortable with my body, but now, after discovering OnlyFans, I am much more comfortable as there is no censorship, bullying, or censorship on OnlyFans,” D’Errico said.

” My nude self is much more comfortable around people now than it was before.”

Her decision to go completely nude for PETA’s upcoming campaign was influenced by feeling comfortable being naked – except for an 18K gold Saint Benedict Pendant gold coin necklace from Saint by Ira Dewitt.

It encompasses not just the idea of going naked rather than wearing fur but anti-down because clothes contain down. We wear everything made from an animal, according to D’Errico. 

The vegan D’Errico, who uses Gaia Leon’s cactus-leather handbags and advocates for animals whenever possible, refused to wear the nude coverings often offered to campaign stars.

“I am OK with my naked body. It is a natural thing,” Donna said. “They offered me nude-colored pasties and a nude thong,” she added.

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