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November 29, 2023

Due to Her High Income, OnlyFans Model Is Hit With a $500 Bill

OnlyFans creator 26 got stuck with a $500 bill after the date and wouldn’t contribute.

While speaking with AU News, Annie Knight (@annieknight78) discussed the awkward encounter. A viral TikTok shared Annie’s income as $150,000 a month.

Even though she didn’t have to pay, she found it “icky” that he let her spend the whole thing.

Annie told the publication, “Obviously, I paid, but it felt icky. He knew how much my income was and wanted me to pay. Over $500!” After expressing her views in the now-deleted video, the model and TikToker received some backlash, so she contextualized it.

“Those who commented probably have yet to watch the video because I said I’d be happy with a 50/50 split. Annie: It’s unfair for him to expect me to pay for everything because I didn’t expect him to pay for everything.”

It has nothing to do with my earning millions of dollars a year. He should respect and value my time, so he should at least split the bill. Some people have turned to content creation full-time after finding success with OnlyFans.

Celebrities such as Iggy Azalea and Cardi B have recently joined the subscription website.


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