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November 7, 2022

During a Nasty Fight With Her Boyfriend, OnlyFans Star Courtney Clenney Claimed She Wanted To Kill Herself

During an interview with OnlyFans, an actress made a suicidal claim and repeatedly hit her boyfriend, exposing their toxic relationship.

A violent clash at Courtney Clenney’s glitzy Miami apartment in April resulted in Christian Obumseli’s death after a knife was plunged into his chest by Courtney Clenney.

If convicted, Clenney, who claims self-defence in the case, could spend the rest of his life in prison.

Several videos and audio recordings of their arguments have been released since then, in which they accuse each other of being violent, controlling, and jealous.

Bystanders intervened after a public fight in Miami, in which Clenney can be heard hoarsely shrieking at her boyfriend.

According to Obumseli’s phone recording, the starlet accuses Obumseli of failing to protect her during a traffic altercation in Miami with another man.

You can’t protect me! The sound of her bellowing can be heard. “You defended someone who had been horrible to me in front of me!” Get out of here!”

At one point, Obumseli abruptly suggests she’s suicidal while trying to contain her rage.

“Don’t kill yourself,” he tells her.

A driver stopped his car to calm the situation.

Clenney can tell the man, “I saw you banging your head.” “I don’t want you to hurt yourself.”

Is that what you know? “she replies. “That means I want to kill myself.”

He then explains to the man what led to the fight with Obumseli.

‘So he (Obumseli) say go apologize to him, I left the car and f-king hit him. Then he [Obumseli] said go apologiez to him,” she says.’

Clenney reveals her spiralling mental struggles as Obumseli repeatedly apologizes.

“There’s nowhere to turn but my head,” she says.

Clenney thanks him for intervening before leaving with him.

It is another expletive-filled apology from Obumseli.

It’s f–k you!” The woman screams. “I like to see you in front of people!”

As Clenney refers to the traffic confrontation, he repeats Obumseli’s act of betrayal.

I just got informed that I have to apologize to a lowlife!” she says. My life is in your hands!”

Then, she appears to strike Obumseli.

I’m being hit!” he yells.

The bystander who attempted to calm the couple earlier in the recording issued a prophetic warning.


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