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May 26, 2024

Elle Brooke and The Most Profitable Knockout With Paige VanZant: OnlyFans Cooperation Between Her and Le’Veon Bell

She wants to work with the NFL great. OnlyFans’ Elle Brooke and Paige Vanzant will compete for the Misfits Boxing (MFB) women’s middleweight title in Houston, Texas, USA. The event will take place on May 25 at the NRG Arena. Brooke, who has no UFC or BKFC experience, feels confident in her victory.


She has won her previous two technically professional fights and believes she is about to add a third with a win against the fighter-turned-content creator. “I am confident I will knock her out. I have a fantastic chance. This is my first professional battle, and I’m wearing eight-ounce gloves. I’m a puncher ordinarily, let alone at eight ounces. I’m aware that I can cause harm. You might say she’s used to taking knees and elbows, but if I hit someone repeatedly with my right hand, they’ll fall down no matter who it is,” Brooke told No KYC.


Rivals in the ring, partners on OnlyFans. Elle Brooke is a renowned UK social media influencer with a profile on OnlyFans, a site for creating pornographic content. She has 937,000 followers on Instagram, and her page features modelling and boxing photos.


Unlike Brooke, Paige Vanzant began her career as a content creator before transitioning to contact sports. She joined OnlyFans after years of involvement in Mixed Martial Arts.


Former NFL star Le’Veon Bell, who fights in the card’s co-main event, may perhaps join them, but VanZant’s husband may not be interested. But will she collaborate with me when I’ve beaten her? Maybe not, but it would be an excellent source of money. “Let’s make money in and out of the ring,” Brooke stated.


“I would fully collaborate with Le’Veon Bell. He’s a handsome guy. However, Paige’s husband worries me, so there may be better options.” Paige’s spouse is quite rough! “He is a real fighter.”

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