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December 9, 2022

DJ quits OnlyFans After Bizarre ‘Bum Salute’ To Queen

Model and influencer Siew Pui Yi are leaving her racy Instagram account to become a DJ.

She has quit OnlyFans after performing an odd “bum salute” outside Windsor Castle – saying she hopes to reinvent herself as a DJ.

In an “art project,” Siew Pui Yi exposed herself at various landmarks, including the British Museum, the National Gallery, and Windsor Castle, to improve her 20 million Instagram followers.

After launching a successful OnlyFans site, she plans to “go mainstream in the music industry and become a DJ”.

In a lengthy video announcement, Siew expressed her gratitude to OnlyFans for giving her her “first pot of gold”.

Siew confessed that quitting OnlyFans would mean losing her “largest source of income”, but she was determined to “mature” as a content creator and “defy what is expected of other female creators”.

She’s already released a music video and launched her makeup line. Covid-19 has delayed her plans to become a top DJ for about three years.

She lost nude photos from her computer’s hard drive after she took it to a repair shop, prompting her to launch her OnlyFans website.

For the return of the photos, the thieves demanded 50,000 Malaysian Ringgits – around £9,000.

Siew responded by selling the images online, saying, “I did not want to die at someone else’s hands.”

“With the support of my longtime fans, I will be successful in shifting my brand to music,” Siew told the Malay Mail.

Many of Siew’s photographers, stylists, and makeup artists expressed concern that she planned such a drastic change in her social media persona.

Siew’s manager expressed doubts about her decision to quit OnlyFans, but her videographer said they understood.

Her appearance on Penthouse’s cover was the first by a Malaysian, thanks to her massive Instagram following that included rap legend Snoop Dogg.

Some Siew fans praise her public exhibitionism, while others say she should show more respect when she visits iconic British institutions. She may be able to unite those two factions on the dance floor.

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