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February 8, 2022

Even After Pleading for Cash, Katie Price’s Latest OnlyFans post Fails to Raise a Lot of Money

Even after pleading with followers to sign up for OnlyFans, former glamour model Katie Price raised just £150 from her post.

The mum-of-five hoped to raise a lot of money from her latest racy post, but it appears she only raised a small amount, reports the Daily Star.

Katie told followers who left a tip between £5 and £20 that she would personally send them a video of the shoot, BirminghamLive reports. Anyone who leaves a tip tomorrow will receive the video from this shoot.”

Only a few subscribers took Katie up on her offer, which places her behind other OnlyFans stars who can earn thousands of pounds per post.

There was a lot of demand for Katie’s content, which led to her regretting not signing up years ago.

According to a source, Katie was overwhelmed by the response. She felt confident she’d be able to pull off the operation, but as with anything, there is no guarantee of success until you start.

She has had a great deal of interest, and many people have already subscribed, giving her a big boost. She appreciates everyone who has signed up for her content.

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