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December 3, 2021

Fans Can’t Wait For WWE Star Scarlett Bordeaux to Launch Her OnlyFans Account

The former WWE star Scarlett Bordeaux will soon be setting up her own OnlyFans account, much to the delight of her fans.

Scarlett was a member of the NXT team that appeared on Sunday. In an earlier post, she shared a teaser into her OnlyFans account. Despite this, Scarlett also shared that she won’t be launching the account right now.

She plans to start her account only in January. Tweeting the news, she said, “I think we’ll be launching OnlyFans in January.”

The largest content subscription service doesn’t reveal what content she will be sharing with her fans. After she tweeted, her fans started commenting on it and wrote that they were ready to subscribe and pay for her content.

On November 6, Scarlett sent out another tweet asking her fans if they wanted her to create an Only Fans account. According to the tweet, she asked, “Do you guys want me to make an Only Fans? Blink twice for yes.” Fans responded positively to her comments, indicating that the wrestler had decided.   

Twitter users started reacting to the star’s announcement that she would launch an OnlyFans page after her tweet. The user wrote, “You’ll melt Only Fans, Scarlett.” Another user wrote, “Scarlett with an Only Fans account? I swore I wouldn’t get one, but if this lady is this hot, I might not be able to resist.”

Another fan said it would be his first Time paying for an Only Fans account. I will be paying for someone’s only fans for the First Time, @Jamesjndr87.”

In November, Scarlett and Karrion Kross, her fiance, were released by WWE. When Scarlett’s 30-day non-compete clause expires on Saturday, December 4, she will become a free agent from WWE. 

Scarlett has been prominently featured in many adult-themed content projects in the past. The wrestler always wanted to compete in lingerie before starting an Only Fans account. She expressed her wish for a bra and pants match on Twitter, writing, “Time to fulfill my wrestling dream. (Rolling on the floor emoji). But seriously.” 

Later, she tweeted, “But seriously, someone books it!” Trish Parker, a renowned independent female talent, replied to her tweet, “Can it be against me?”.”.  


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