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June 29, 2023

Fans Request That a Mexican Footballer Open an Account With OnlyFans

Nikkole Teja, 23, who played for Necaxa in Liga Femenina MX, has created an OnlyFans account due to a request from the club’s fans.

There are no points on her team’s record in the Torneo Clausura 2023, only two goals have been scored, and 19 conceded, so this would be a more lucrative venture for her.

Furthermore, since her fans came up with the concept, she can be confident that she will have users willing to pay the subscription fee.

“I opened the adult content platform account because people asked for it,” Teja wrote on her Instagram account the day she opened it.

She charges 17.50 dollars plus tax for a subscription to her Onlyfans account. With over 358,000 Instagram followers, she has become quite a celebrity.

As a result of the fan requests of Necaxa’s fans, 23-year-old Nikkole Teja has become an OnlyFans star in Mexico. Teja played for Necaxa in the Liga Femenina MX.

Her team is at the bottom of the Torneo Clausura 2023 table with zero points, only two goals scored, and 19 goals conceded, so this could prove to be a more lucrative endeavour. Furthermore, because it was fans who gave her the idea, she can be sure that users will be willing to pay for the subscription.

“People requested it,” Teja wrote on Instagram when she opened her adult content account.

Only fan subscriptions cost 17.50 dollars plus tax. Over 358,000 followers follow her on Instagram, making her quite a celebrity.

Nikkole Teja – Who Is She?

Her entire career has been spent as a midfielder since she was born in Washington on December 9, 1999. Before joining Necaxa, she played for Seattle. In January of this year, her contract was terminated due to poor results, and she has been without a club ever since.

According to the team, this is how they farewelled Teja Nikkole, a move they may regret, given her following on social media: “Thank you, @TejaNikkole, for your contributions to our institution over the years. All the best for the future! #ContiGoNecaxa”.

She is still listed on their website, where they provide a brief description of her career:

“At a very young age, she began playing football, and her older siblings encouraged her to take an interest in the sport”.

Necaxa, Club Queretaro, and Tuzas del Pachuca are all listed in Teja’s bio on Nexaca.


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