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March 15, 2023

For Boxing Fights, Astrid Wett Calls Out Katie Price, TikToker, and The £40k-a-Month OnlyFans Model

ASTRID WETT will take on Katie Price and OnlyFans model Alexia Grace in her next fight.

She called them out in a video showing her practicing punches on a beach in a bikini. It had the caption: “Warming up to box Katie Price, Anna Grace, and GK Barry.”.
“Who wants to fight for the title?”

After defeating Love Island’s AJ Bunker, she won the first female Misfits championship. Astrid was left with heavy bruising from the fight with Bunker but now appears eager to return to the ring.

In October, Astrid beat Keeley Colbran, giving her two wins two. If she accepted the challenge, Katie Price would be one of the biggest names in social media boxing. However, Katie said she would be up for a fight at KSI’s boxing event in January.

On that evening, she was asked if she would fight. “Let’s fight; bring it on!”

Before working for OnlyFans, Alexia worked as a cabin crew.
To end their beef that started at the start of the year, she will fight Beth Fiit, another TikTok and OnlyFans star.

After Beth accused Alexia of copying her content, the two former friends agreed to fight. The TikTok following of Grace Keeling is over three million.

In 2020, she became famous during the first UK lockdown. Aside from posting short vlogs and stories of her day-to-day life, Grace has also launched her podcast, The Saving Grace Podcast.

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