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December 23, 2021

Former CEO Tim Stokely Steps Down, Is Replaced By a Spokesperson

According to Bloomberg, OnlyFans founder and CEO Tim Stokely will step down. Ami Gan, the company’s former VP of marketing and communications, replaces him.

Earlier this year, OnlyFans said they would ban the sex workers who thrive on the platform, a decision that they suspended a week later.

It is not unusual to appoint a spokesperson as CEO of a company. According to reports, this was Stokely’s decision. His role at the company will be that of an advisor.

Gan’s new CEO shared his passion for the creator economy with the new CEO. “Our number one priority is to remain the safest social media platform on the planet.”

In addition, Gan promised to invest in OFTV, the company’s safe-for-work streaming app, and develop new tools for creators. Gan has worked for Red Bull, Quest Nutrition, and a cannabis cafe, unlike Stokely.

TechCrunch asked OnlyFans if this change in leadership would affect sex workers on the platform. The company declined to comment.

In August, OnlyFans was forecast to make $2.5 billion this year (OnlyFans takes 20% of creator earnings).

It was then that the company dropped a bombshell that threatened the livelihoods of the sex workers who made OnlyFans a billion-dollar enterprise: NSFW content would be banned. OnlyFans has suspended this decision after swift backlash, claiming banking issues have been resolved.

OnlyFans has said it will put the ban on hold rather than reverse it. Despite this, sex workers remain concerned about being de-platformed.

OnlyFans’ threat to ban sex workers can not only cost them their livelihood but also push them toward more dangerous, offline working conditions.

A study was initiated in 2019 to study the effects of laws such as the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA), which makes working online sex more difficult.

As a result of losing access to online platforms, “community organizations have reported increased homelessness of sex workers.”

Sex workers, who know how difficult it can be to move from one platform to another, are also concerned about changes at OnlyFans. In 2018, Patreon de-platformed sex workers – the company claimed that it never allowed porn, but these guidelines were not strictly enforced, so sex workers could use the platform to earn a living.

Even without the intermediary of Patreon, creators can contact their fanbase because Patreon provides creators with subscribers’ email addresses.

Unlike Twitter or Instagram, OnlyFans does not allow you to communicate with your followers outside of the platform, even if they follow you. You can’t start a new business on a different platform if you cannot contact your customers.

It’s not clear whether this change in leadership will threaten NSFW creators, but this is a massive shift for an organization that has already caused its NSFW creators to lose trust.


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