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September 28, 2023

Former Shakira Nanny Flogs Nudes on OnlyFans After Being Fired for Exposing Pique’s Cheating

Shakira’s nanny’s daughter has become an OnlyFans star after allegedly exposing Gerard Pique’s cheating.

With her X-rated content on the adult subscription service, Dariana Melgar has become a hit.

As a backtrack, she played Shakira’s hit ‘El Jefe’ or ‘The Boss.’

Her Instagram followers now see saucy snaps featuring tops that can’t control her curves. Over a year ago, Dariana’s mom, Lili Melgar, helped Pique get fired for infidelity to Shakira.

When she noticed some strawberry jam had gone missing from the fridge while she was away, the Colombian singer allegedly caught her cheating.

Lili was a nanny to Milan and Sasha, the sons of Shakira and Pique.

He hated the spread, so Lili and her boss figured another woman had been “eating the jam.”

Lili found other women’s clothes hidden around the house, adding to her suspicions about Pique. A local news outlet reports that he fired Lili without pay after she was exposed and warned her not to sue.

Sadly, Shakira invited Lili to appear in the video for “El Jefe”, where she talks about bosses abusing their employees.

Dariana said her mum returned to work with Shakira after the singer split from Pique after the lyrics said: “Lili Melgar, this song is for you, you didn’t get paid.”

“Despite everything, Dariana keeps working with Shakira. I love you, Mom.”

Dariana also mentioned how loyal her mom has been over the years.

‘El Jefe’ earned the nanny $1 million (£819,750) for her role. The 12-year romance between Pique and Shakira ended with Clara Chia Marti’s alleged infidelity, and a vicious feud began.

Diss tracks, witch dolls, empty jam jars, and sponsorship deals have fueled their ongoing war.

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