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August 19, 2022

Fortnite Couple Earns £5k Per Month Making OnlyFans Videos – And Has Sexual Relations Nine Times Per Day

In addition to getting saucy on cam, the couple has sex nine times a day. While getting it on, they decided to make some money.

They have nine times a day of sex and earn £5,000 a month, sharing saucy videos on OnlyFans.

Erin Sangahan, 19, and Tyler Thompson, 23, joined the adult platform after hearing about how much money another couple was earning.

They post content five times a day from their humble home in Doncaster, Yorkshire, and have already gained 15,000 followers.
It’s just fun for us, and it’s great to experiment,” Erin, a social worker for adults with autism, says.

Neither of us expected to become so popular. “We’ve made it a great side hustle, and our sex life keeps improving.

“I think it was shocking for my mum to find out because I always thought I was an angel,” Tyler said.

It’s just a matter of if you can do it, and if you can, why not?”

It’s the extra money that keeps our bills covered each month.” Since September 2019, the couple has been together after meeting through the video game Fortnite.

During Erin’s studies in Newcastle, they started a long-distance relationship.

Tyler said he and his girlfriend have always been sexually attracted to each other.

“We just can’t stay apart.” After Erin moved in with Tyler in June 2021, her friends told her they were making a lot of money with OnlyFans. “Giving it a shot seemed like a no-brainer,” Tyler said.

The number of people who liked us surprised us. “They enjoy seeing just Erin and me together.”

Their initial goal was to earn £500 a month to pay their bills, but now they make up to £5,000 a month. We’ve had so much fun,” Erin said. As a result, we get to experiment, have fantastic sex, and get paid for it. “My dad was not happy, but my mother changed his mind. She said it’s fine as long as we have fun – and we do.”

They work full-time despite earning a lot of money on the site. As a side hustle, they use their success on OnlyFans.

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