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September 9, 2022

Gemma McCourt Earns Crazy Money On OnlyFans

The original purpose of OnlyFans was to provide exclusive content for famous artists’ most loyal fans, but others quickly jumped on board to sell their unique content.

Many people, including athletes and models, have criticized the controversial platform because they offer sexual content for money on it.

Some of these content creators have put aside their successful careers to devote themselves exclusively to creating content for OnlyFans.

Their financial rewards can also be much higher than those earned by doctors, teachers, or lawyers.

OnlyFans’ most successful woman, Gemma McCourt, draws in eye-watering figures. 

While OnlyFans was initially designed to provide exclusive content to famous artists’ most loyal fans, others have used it to create their unique content.

Some people, including models and even athletes, use the controversial platform to obtain large sums of money by offering sexual content.

Some content creators have left successful careers to focus exclusively on OnlyFans due to its impact.

Aside from that, their financial rewards can be much higher than those of doctors, teachers, or lawyers.

A Doctor Earns 270 Times Less Than Gemma McCourt

MrQ, a British website, conducted a study to find out how much people could earn through OnlyFans. As a result, Gemma McCourt was named the highest-earning woman on the platform.

It costs 29 dollars a month to subscribe to McCourt’s content.

Gemma McCourt receives 80% of the platform’s revenue, while the platform takes 20%. Over 102,000 subscribers use the model.

The average annual salary of a doctor in England is $109,000. In contrast, Gemma McCourt earns 270 times more.

Annual Revenue: 29.4 Million Dollars

In just one month, models like Gem101 make 22 times as much as doctors at the top of their game (about $9,152).

That’s 270 times more per year. Thus, Gemma McCourt earns 2.4 million per month, which is 29.4 million a year.

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