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November 12, 2023

Her Next Step In Motorsport Is Announced by Renee Gracie, OnlyFans’ Most Viral Driver

Renee Gracie confirmed she’ll run the Adelaide 500 second division. It’s time for Renee Gracie to make her next big move. Six years after quitting cars, the former Supercars driver returned to racing.

With her Audi R8 LMS, she won the Trophy Series of GT World Challenge Australia. She’s ready to take the next step now.

In two weeks, Gracie will race in the second division of the Adelaide 500. All competitors will drive the identical Audi R8 featuring the adult content star in the event.

She said, “I got the championship. I got some good results. I wasn’t worried about one more race.”

“My year went so well that I was ready to jump into a new car when the opportunity arose. It’s nice to know there’s a chance that someone will give me a new car to drive.”

Since 2016, Gracie has been out of racing. Her career took a radical turn into adult entertainment several years ago, so she gave up her motorsport dream altogether.

In 2020, Gracie earned more than $500,000 in one month after joining OnlyFans.

Getting Back Into Motorsport

Gracie, who retired from the sport at the end of 2017, formed a new racing team due to a lack of funds.

“After talking to people and finding out what was possible, I decided to return to the sport in 2021,” Gracie told GT World Challenge Australia.

“It took us a while to figure out how to get the industry’s support, so we planned and put the perfect program together.”

I’m happy with everyone who’s been part of this journey; everything has worked out. The incident proved he needed to return to racing, he said.

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