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February 16, 2024

“He’s Just My Social Media Manager,” George Santos Says Of The Baby-Faced OnlyFans Model

The rumors have spread that George Santos is spending time with a baby-faced OnlyFans performer named Michael Doherty.

Doherty seems to like wearing and not wearing underwear, on the one hand and not on the other.

He declares himself to be “the top bad boy on OnlyFans,” a streaming site with nearly 100,000 followers, and states he is “horny all the time” and will “show whatever you want me to show.”

A frequent user of OnlyFans, Santos was the top bad boy in the House of Representatives until recently.

He used some of his war chest donation on OnlyFans subscriptions, as found by the 2023 Ethics Committee.

It had been rumored that Santos might have done more than log in to Doherty’s portal. His response to a request for comment was staunchly denied.

Page Six quotes a Long Island man: “I’ve engaged Vizie to manage my social media portfolio, which Mr. Doherty owns.”

He added somewhat archly, “I have no relationship with him.” Santos is a liar, as we know.

In addition to his webcam work, Doherty is a social media star: He has 250,000 Instagram followers for cheeky man-on-the-street interviews.

Just last month, Vizie Media had 285 followers. Matheus Gerard claimed to be married to Santos in September.

The Ethics Committee investigation revealed Santos misused campaign funds, and a web of colorful lies and exaggerations was exposed two months later. In 23 federal fraud cases, he has pleaded not guilty.

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