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December 22, 2023

How OnlyFans Millionaires Models Spend Their Money

OnlyFans model ‘feels like she’s living the dream.’ In Los Angeles, OnlyFans models earn millions annually and spend cash on Michelin-starred restaurants, lavish restaurants, and gym memberships.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, Casey Boonstra, 30, turned to OnlyFans for support. Having difficulties paying her bills and being forced to work in her O-1 visa category, she joined the platform.

Despite not showing nudity on her account, Boonstra said her TV hosting earnings were not comparable to what she earns online. She splurged on a $4,500 Van Cleef & Arpels bracelet when she was successful.

According to The Los Angeles Times, Boonstra rents an apartment in one of Hollywood’s largest high-rises for $5,000 monthly. He’s lived there for 212 years and has upgraded to a larger apartment. “Seeing the Hollywood signs from my window makes me feel like I’m living the dream.”

During a recent night out, a Beyoncé concert was played in Boonstra’s suite. High-end restaurants such as Catch and Madera are frequent haunts for her. Besides personal training, she does stunt movement twice weekly, yoga at Equinox, and general exercise at home.

According to Boonstra, flying business class is always worth the splurge.

“I’m going to fly business to Australia when I’m flying 14 hours [typically $6,000 to $8,000 round trip]. My nieces and family are waiting for me there. My best friend and her mother will be taking my mom to Egypt soon,” she said.

Maintaining her hair growth journey for Boonstra is almost certainly the most significant recurring cost. The woman owns several expensive wigs (each 2,000) and has been injected with plasma from her blood three times. It costs $1,500 for each session.

As a Minnesotan living in 2017, Desiree Schlotz was early to the OnlyFans craze. While the model initially earned $10,000 a year, the earnings were initially low.

In 2020, she relaunched her account and saw business pick up. Currently, the 26-year-old earns seven figures a year from the platform.

Her cousins and Schlotz shared a cramped apartment before Schlotz found success. Initially, she rented a $6,000-per-month apartment near Beverly Hills with two bedrooms and three bathrooms.

She dreams, however, of owning a small cottage with a large yard where she can grow food and take care of her dogs. In 2017, Schlotz’s transportation system underwent a significant upgrade. Schlotz recently traded in her 2020 BMW 2 series for the 2023 BMW X3.

At Tao hospitality group’s Fleur Room, a lounge from the famous Tao hospitality group, she frequently meets with friends for cocktail hour.

A trainer at RPT in Beverly Hills trains Schlotz three to four times a week ($200 a session). A member-only luxury fitness club in Los Angeles, Heimat, costs her $350 monthly.

Her accountant requested she calm down in response to her frequent trips worldwide. She rented a villa for Celestial Swim to work with models and influencers in Tulum, Mexico ($12,700).

Additionally, she gets chemical peels ($1,500) and monthly facials ($500) at Artisan of Skin. OnlyFans also includes former “Too Hot to Handle” actress Carly Lawrence.

As an influencer, I know girls whose financials make me sad when I hear about their finances. “All I want to do is make an OnlyFans.”

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