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February 1, 2022

I Ended My Football Career In The Scandal, but now I earn £500k as an Instagram Model For OnlyFans, Says Instagram Star, Madelene Wright

In 2019, pictures showed her inhaling a balloon at a party and drinking champagne while driving a Range Rover on a night out with friends.

Her scandal, however, catapulted her to stardom and a career as a social media influencer.

Today, she has over 250,000 followers on Instagram, and brands are clamoring to get their hands on her, traveling around the globe in luxury.

Madelene signed up for OnlyFans last year, letting content creators monetize their images and videos through subscribers.

She earned £500,000 since joining the controversial site – more than any professional football player today.

Wright talked EXCLUSIVELY to SunSport about her heartbreaking sacking, the fear of disappointing family and friends, and how she became an overnight success.

A year after being sacked, she revealed she still dreams of becoming a professional footballer.

Women from Charlton

Madelene made headlines in December 2020 when a Snapchat video captured her inhaling balloons at a party and drinking champagne from a bottle while driving a Range Rover Evoque.

After an investigation, the talented player was released by Charlton Women.

Before the club chairman announced he was canceling Wright’s contract, Wright received a phone call from her team manager.

Madelene told SunSport: “I wasn’t aware of the situation I was in or the responsibility I had because I was young and having fun with friends.”

The decision left me heartbroken since I loved Charlton, my coaches, and my teammates.

Football teams become your family when you play for them, so to leave them was difficult.

In the aftermath of my sacking, I began to wonder whether I would be able to play football again, at what level, and whether other teams would be interested in me.

In the aftermath, I also realized how many people I had disappointed.

“I used to coach at a young girls’ academy, where the girls looked up to me and always sought my advice.

“I felt embarrassed, guilty, and disappointed in myself for showing myself in that light.”

Instagram exploded

After the scandal, Madelene’s social media blew up; she gained notoriety and boasted enviable looks.

Her popularity on Instagram rose from 20,000 followers when she was at Charlton. Today, she has 261,000 followers.

Several clothing brands and swimsuit companies contacted her. The football world didn’t completely forget her.

According to Madelene, the incident opened up many doors in other industries.

“It was very quick, a lot of brands got in touch.”.

A few clothing brands, bikini companies, and sports companies are interested in working. 

I was even offered a deal on football boots by one company.

The end of one career was like the beginning of a new one.”

Fame brought haters

Though many well-wishers congratulated her on her newfound success, she also had to deal with jealous online trolls.

“I received a lot of hate on social media from people who told me to be ashamed of my actions and that I would never be a footballer again,” she said.

“It wasn’t pleasant. I am a strong person that tends not to be bothered by things, but I have to admit, it affected me.

My only thought was that everyone in the world of football hated me.

“I’ve learned to ignore the horrible comments and messages I was receiving, and now I don’t read them anymore.”


Madelene used Instagram to show off her personality and good looks, but OnlyFans enabled her to monetize her popularity.

She began selling subscriptions to the fan-sharing website last year for £24 a month.

Fans are enticed by her photos and videos wearing bikinis, football tops, and lingerie. 

OnlyFans had a reputation for showing pornography and allegedly allowing prostitutes to solicit sex, so Madeline had reservations about joining.

“I didn’t want to do it because of its reputation,” Wright explained. I could not relate to that.

Having weighed the pros and cons and done it for an entire year, I know I made the right choice.

I am still concerned because I don’t want people to think of me negatively.

As a result of joining OnlyFans, Wright has reaped the benefits financially. Her life has been transformed.

Wright revealed that he made around half a million pounds in his first year. ‘It’s changed my life completely,’ he said.

As a result of getting my place, I have traveled the world and have enjoyed a lot of luxuries.”

Wright does not see OnlyFans as a place for her future as the money rolls in. She believes it will eventually be a stepping stone to more incredible things.

She said that my goal is to become an entrepreneur, step away from the stereotype, and become an entrepreneur.

“I want to build an empire with property, which is something I’ve always wanted to do since I was a young footballer.

Everyone needs to realize that you can start over.

I didn’t know how to move past my scandal when it happened.

There’s always a new day and a fresh start. Everyone has a past, and you can’t change it.

A ray of hope will appear if you learn from your mistakes and make the right moves going forward.”


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