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November 15, 2022

I Have An Obsessed OnlyFans Devotee Who Spends $30K A Year, And He Has Signed Over His Soul To Me

According to an OnlyFans model, she has one “obsessed” subscriber who spends thousands a year on her content and gives her “ownership of his soul.”

A 22-year-old neuroscientist was studying pole dancing when Mercedes Valentine got involved. After making an OnlyFans account in 2021, she quickly found that it was the path to success – reportedly raking in $47,000 per month.

One subscriber allegedly spends nearly $30,000 a year on Valentine, even getting her permission to tattoo her name above his genitals and ring finger in her handwriting.

Aside from subscribing, he also gives Valentine’s gifts, such as a $1,180 piano and a sofa.

“He bought most of the furniture for my house,” she said.

The shrine he has dedicated to her is reportedly named after her, and he refers to her as a “goddess” and “muscle mummy.” Valentine is even listed as a beneficiary on his life insurance policy.

“He wants to be dominated by me, just like many of my subscribers,” she explained. “He also had to wait until I told him he could relieve himself.”

According to her, her job is to satisfy the fantasies of her subscribers.

Valentine said she doesn’t mind her subscribers’ requests and wants them to do whatever makes them happy. OnlyFans is helping normalize this form of worship.”

Any of that doesn’t phase Valentine. Her most devoted fan sent her a contract he had drafted, signing over his soul to her. “It doesn’t bother or shock me but I’m on the spectrum, so maybe that’s why.”

As Dr Eric Small told The Post in 2019, people with EDS have “doughy skin and extremely hyperflexible joints,” which makes Valentine quite bendy.

It affects less than one in 5,000 people worldwide. Actresses Jameela Jamil and Lena Dunham, as well as singer-songwriter Sia, have the disorder.

In her teens, Valentine worked with a physical therapist to regain mobility, which led her to pursue a master’s degree in neuroscience.

However, she began pole dancing in college and says, “I loved it as soon as I touched the pole.” After working through physical therapy to gain mobility, Valentine earned a master’s degree in neuroscience.

Then, she began pole dancing in college and says, “I loved it as soon as I touched the pole.”

 Small says she encourages her patients to find an aerobic activity they can tolerate because they’re constantly dislocating their joints.

Valentine turned her activity into a career. She claimed that her loyal followers paid her more than her doctor’s parents’ combined salary of $235,600 a year.

Although her family and friends support her Only Fans career, they are a little concerned with her obsessive subscribers.

“My parents only want me to be happy and successful,” she said. Despite their reputations, these people are harmless.

Valentine added, “I’m glad I do this. It gives me the freedom I need.”


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