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February 21, 2023

I Have Made Thousands On OnlyFans Since I Quit McDonald’s

After quitting McDonald’s, she now earns thousands posing in lingerie on OnlyFans because she felt she was too beautiful to work there.

After realizing she was “too pretty” to flip burgers, she quit her job.

In Edinburgh, Melanie Collett, 20, felt that colleagues, management, and customers judged her based on her stunning looks.

The brunette claimed that her superiors at the fast food restaurant ordered her to purchase Boots makeup removal products.

Since Melanie took on the £6-an-hour job, so she’s been making money on OnlyFans – and can even make $1,500 daily.
“Most of my colleagues flirted with me, and a few suggested I do OnlyFans before I left,” she said.

It’s probably because I was pretty.” When working a job requiring a uniform, this sizzling hot model ensured she was glammed up and wouldn’t go without eyelashes or makeup.

“Even though we all had to wear the same outfit, I would always make sure I had my makeup done or my eyelashes were done,” she added.

I did get my nails done in the past, but they made me go to Boots to get acetone to take them off.”

Her co-workers weren’t the only ones who noticed her appearance.

Customers, young and old, swooned over the X-rated model. When she worked at McDonald’s drive-through, an elderly customer told her she was “too pretty” for the job.

“He told me to go with him,” Melanie said. We always joked about it, even though I said no.”
Our second most liked OnlyFans model recently told us how she felt about her silver medal – and she wasn’t bothered by winning first.

Mags, 25, who aspires to be a lawyer, said she is happy with her place on the podium. She has gained credibility by being on the most-liked list in the legal community.









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