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March 30, 2022

I Left My Mormon Church for OnlyFans – Now I’m Being Shunned Because of The Best Sex I’ve Ever Had

Despite swapping prayer for porn, this former Mormon lives a lusty life of sin. Skyler – who has not publicly disclosed her surname – left the LDS Church in 2018 and now works as a kinky content creator on OnlyFans.

She has also amassed 168,000 followers on Instagram, where she posts steamy selfies for her fans. According to Jam Press, the mom-of-two claims she has been exiled by close-minded members of her former faith who are afraid of her free-spirited new endeavors.

“I have been shunned by other moms when I go and watch my children play softball, and once I even cried in a hair salon after the hairdresser said she did not agree with me,” the blonde beauty said.

Despite swapping prayer for porn, this former Mormon lives a lusty life of sin.

Skyler joined the LDS church in her mid-twenties after meeting her Mormon husband.

Initially, she found the faith welcoming, making close female friendships and finding a supportive community.

In the end, the beauty and her husband became tired of the religion’s ” rigidity ” and looked to leave.

“Vices were not allowed. No drinking or smoking. Sugar was the only thing allowed. As a result of eating so many baked goods, we both gained weight, which affected our relationship,” said the soft-core starlet. “It became a sexless union. I stopped looking good for my husband,” she said. “We had to leave because it was delusional.”

After leaving the church four years ago, Skyler says she and her husband smoked a big joint and had the best sex they’ve ever had.

As the newly-liberated blonde became more comfortable expressing her sensual side, she started an Instagram account and joined OnlyFans in March 2020. After learning about the kinky content of her blog, her Mormon friends shunned her and her children.

“One day, my posts appeared on Instagram’s explore page, where the mom of my daughter’s friend noticed me. I felt slut-shamed when she told me it wasn’t ‘appropriate,'” Skyler recalled.

“She said she wouldn’t be bringing her daughter to our house anymore. Seeing a decision I made hurt my daughter so much broke my heart,” OnlyFans creator confessed openly.

Skyler has no regrets despite attracting the ire of her faithful former friends. She says OnlyFans has also strengthened her marriage.

She exclaimed, “I feel sexy and liberated now after being a housewife for so many years.” “My husband gets turned on when other men show interest in me.”

“When we talk about racy captions together, it spices up our bedroom talk,” the blonde bluntly. I would instead explore this avenue and build a better marriage with my husband than toe the line with people in this bible belt town.”

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