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May 22, 2024

I Make Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars on OnlyFans, But Since Boxing Changed My Life, I Now Want to Win a World Championship

The OnlyFans star talked about giving up drunken outbursts in favour of a strict boxing lifestyle. 

After becoming wealthy from her OnlyFans job, ELLE BROOKE is now looking for something more expensive. After signing with Misfits Boxing, the adult film actress has been living the life of a professional boxer for the last two years.

It has been reported that Brooke’s risqué internet content brings in up to £60,000 every month. However, after spending a lot of money on elite instructors and training camps, her quest for boxing glory is causing her financial hardship.

When asked about her potential earnings outside the ring, Brooke responded to SunSport with, “Oh my God, hundreds of thousands!”

“I don’t even want to disclose the exact amount because you’ll probably say, ‘No way.'”

Furthermore, I have yet to make a lot of money from boxing. Many people spend little money on coaches and training.

“For my first Misfits fight, I got paid $10,000, which sounds like a lot, but once you get your kit, paid my team, all the percentages, I was at a loss.” “In my unsuccessful KingPyn match, I essentially lost for free.” Before she started boxing in 2022, Brooke woke up with thousands in her bank account.

She is currently receiving training from renowned coach Mark Tibbs, who subjects her to demanding and draining sessions.

But why carry on when you’ve already achieved such fame and wealth?

“If something is easy, it’s not worth having anyway,” Brooke retorted. Additionally, OnlyFans makes quick money, but at least when I pass away or lie in bed, I can claim that I gave it my all and accomplished this.

It provides me with something truly worthy of pride. I’m proud of OnlyFans, but boxing is a skill that must be earned. “Only one of the two competitors emerges victorious from the ring. It is much simpler to succeed on OnlyFans.”

The 26-year-old Brooke traded in her wild and reckless lifestyle for strict and disciplined boxing camps, and she believes that the sport has transformed her.

She stated their way of life, mindset, and friendships: “I’m surrounded by like-minded people who all want to succeed.”

“I’m at home, more focused, and I’ve stopped going out and drinking on the weekends. I have a habit that I love, so I feel more rooted.” Brooke’s renowned coach, Tibbs, and former champion mentor, Ebanie Bridges, have predicted that she will succeed in the sport.

According to her, “Mark believes so much in me that he says, ‘You could be a world champion one day.” That’s what he says all the time. And that would be wonderful to me.

And knowing that Ebanie was my top boxing role model from the beginning always gave me confidence that I could succeed.

“She mentioned that she had some combat sports experience, but I started when I was 24, so I’m already six years ahead of her, and just look at what she’s accomplished.”

“So it’s doable, and being around that, especially when you’re brand new, makes you realize your dreams aren’t always so far away.”

“I believe I could. I believe I have all you require to win a world championship.” Even though I’m not the world’s most skilled boxer, I’m tough, strong, and powerful.

“And that beats the technical boxers if you want it.” Brooke’s return this weekend in Texas against fellow OnlyFans earner and former UFC star Paige VanZant will come before she can think of winning a world title.

VanZant, who finished 8–5 in the UFC, started martial arts training as a teenager, which is very different from Brooke’s early years.

She remarked, “I believe that during our adolescent years, I would have been getting wasted on a park bench every weekend while she would have been working out at the gym.”

“Until I was 23, I went out every weekend to party.” Very dissimilar. However, I was aware of her name but not necessarily her fights because I watched her on Instagram.”My initial interest in her stemmed not from her combat experience but more from her transition from fighter to OF celebrity.”

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