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May 24, 2024

In a Hilarious Interview Clip, Tom Aspinall Claims That Jon Jones Subscribes to Stipe Miotic’s Only Fans

In a lighthearted conversation, Tom Aspinall jokes that Jon Jones might subscribe to Stipe Miocic’s OnlyFans. Curious about the entire exchange? Dive into the video now!


In a humorous new interview, Tom Aspinall exposed his cheeky side. The UFC interim heavyweight champion joked about Jon Jones. But why has Jon Jones yet to face Tom Aspinall? Many admirers have asked this question. Aspinall, with his quick wit, kept things light.


When OnlyFans was mentioned, the interview took on a lighter tone. Aspinall quipped that Jones might be a subscriber to Stipe Miocic’s OnlyFans. This humorous jab brought fun to the profound realm of UFC. Is Jon Jones avoiding Aspinall?


Tom Aspinall’s sense of humour was fully displayed during his interview with The Mac Life. The interviewer, attempting to be funny, remarked, “You’re not on social media, but you’re subscribed to Stipe’s OnlyFans, I imagine.” Aspinall, always quick with a response, responded, “Are there d*ck pics on there [Stipe’s OnlyFans]?” Perhaps Jon has subscribed to it.


This amusing interaction made everyone laugh. However, it also raised a larger question: why is Jon Jones not fighting Aspinall? Jones is scheduled to fight Stipe Miocic at UFC 309 in November. Fans are eager to see Aspinall have a run at unifying the heavyweight belt.


Aspinall’s quip about Jones subscribing to Miocic’s OnlyFans was more than just amusing. It was a lighthearted shot that reinforced the prevailing storyline about who is avoiding who in the heavyweight class.


Aspinall Cuts Out The Noise Before UFC 304 Clash


After having fun with ‘Bones’ on X, Tom Aspinall took a break from social media for his UFC 304 fight camp. “I wanted to do something different for this camp,” Aspinall explained to The Mac Life. “I discovered I was spending a lot of time on social media. I don’t enjoy how much time I devote to it.”


Aspinall intends to rest more between training sessions, believing social media weighs him down. Regardless of his decision, he needed to get his family and friends on board. 


“I sent a blanket voice note to folks I spoke with regularly on WhatsApp, saying, ‘Listen, I’m staying off social media for fight camp. I have someone else blogging for me.” I do not want anyone to capture anything about fights or any comments. “I don’t want to know about it,” he said.



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