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April 27, 2022

In a Tesco Job, I Struggled, But Now I’m Earning £70,000 a Month, and I’m Happy’

A former Tesco checkout girl and hospital administrator, Yasmin Baker, earned up to £70k a month during the pandemic. Now she’s earning up to £25k – and she insists the life-changing money brings happiness.

After her ex left her in debt, Yasmin Baker joined OnlyFans.

Yasmin Baker says she was depressed and constantly burdened by money worries before she began making £70,000 a month on OnlyFans.

With her ex-boyfriend’s debts, the former Tesco checkout girl is now living in picturesque Panama and driving a flash Jaguar.

After her rags to riches journey, money does indeed buy happiness. The 28-year-old Yasmin told Daily Star: “I think it can buy happiness. I can buy anything I want.
“Seeing my family happy makes me happy. And I can help them however I can get with money.

I recently moved to Panama. My beautiful dog is with me, and I’m going to treat him well. Every time I go out, I bring him a new toy home. His happiness makes me happy!

When colleagues discovered her explicit page, she was stacking shelves in Tesco for four days a week.

“I had money problems in my old life. That’s no longer the case.” A former hospital administrator, who will soon fly her family to Florida for a holiday, said: “I wasn’t even close to being happy before OnlyFans. It was a struggle to live my life. I felt depressed.

“I hated waking up to a new day of challenges. I have fewer struggles now.
“Life isn’t perfect, my health is suffering right now, but I wouldn’t return to my old life.”

The hours she and other creators spend on their phones making money is one of the reasons her health has been affected.

One day, Yasmin hopes to foster children and provide them with a loving home.

On Instagram, she has 10,000 followers. It is a myth that it is simple to make money on saucy, said Yasmin, who lived in Norfolk. Because I quit everything to devote myself to it, I’ve been successful, she explained.

It’s not easy or fast money unless you’re a celebrity with a huge following. “It’s so hard to launch your page. I used to work until 5 am.

“And I still don’t sleep well. During the day, I take little power naps. In exchange for financial gain, Yasmin sacrifices sleep. So what is her ultimate goal?

Her sex work has paid off her family’s debts. “I’m investing so I don’t have to work 9-5 ever again.” She responded.

Working from home and earning money also allows me to travel worldwide.

I would like to have my shelter and foster dogs.

“I’ve always wanted to foster children and provide them with a loving home and a great life.

In my opinion, my job gets in the way of fostering children, which is a shame because I have a big heart and would love to provide those children with a loving home.”

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