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July 31, 2022

In Hopes of Buying A Soccer Team, Playboy Model Daniella Chavez Launches OnlyFans

To raise funds to purchase the O’Higgins FC soccer team, Playboy model Daniella Chavez turned to OnlyFans – an exclusive online platform where fans can purchase content.
It is currently playing in the Campeonato Nacional league, which is based in Rancagua.

A Chilean-born model, Chavez, announced last week that she had already raised $5 million toward her “goal” of buying the team.

“When I found out that O’Higgins was up for sale, I began a fundraising campaign,” Chavez previously told Chilean radio station ADN.

“In order to raise money, I created this account with more Playboy content,” she explained.

She also promised to give “VIP gifts” to fans who spread the word about her OnlyFans site. During her bid to acquire O’Higgins FC, Chavez has allegedly accused the team’s owner, Ricardo Abumohor, of discrimination.
The OnlyFans campaign has continued to be promoted despite the apparent pushback.

With over 16 million Instagram followers, Chavez is popular on multiple social media platforms besides OnlyFans.

Before trying to purchase O’Higgins FC, Chavez invested in the Chilean Rancagua Sur Sports Club.






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