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August 31, 2022

In OnlyFans, A Single Mum Makes $2,500 A Day After Quitting Her Job In Banking: ‘I Was Paid $300 For 15 Seconds

A 23-year-old Ally Mae used to work at Morrisons for £8 an hour, but now she’s making money on OnlyFans, but she said times are tough and her fans are struggling, which is why her subscriptions aren’t so high.

According to an OnlyFans model, subscribers are being more careful with their money due to the cost of living crisis. After discovering an adult website, Ally Mae, 23, earned up to £25,000 a month after working in Morrisons for £8 an hour.

After taking a break, Ally, from Blackpool, was shocked to discover that there was less money in OnlyFans – and she believes spiraling living costs are to blame. Despite earning £15,000 a month, Ally would like to see things return to how they were.

“I’m just getting back into it again because I had a break. It’s a bit slow because people are struggling with bills going up. I worked myself up for four years so I can just jump back in.”

I believe the cost of living is having an impact; people aren’t spending as much as they used to; they’re more focused on paying their bills and ensuring they have enough to live on.

People are spending less. Before the pandemic, my business boomed, and it was going crazy well, but it has been going down since – it might be because I took a break and people don’t know I’m back, but the current situation is affecting it.”

My best month was about £25,000 – probably between £10,000 and £15,000 now.” “I made loads of money with loads of people joining, and there was lots of attention.”

Ally insists she will not return to Morrisons despite the pay cut. I used to make £8.20 an hour, so it’s a huge difference. I bought clothes, a car, and a lot of girl stuff. I’m looking at social media sites, like chatrooms.

In the foreseeable future, I see OnlyFans in my future, but it won’t last forever.
“My youth and good looks aren’t going to last forever, so you have to prepare for the future – for me, that’s starting my own business.”

Having traveled to places like Russia and America as a child, I don’t recall as much as I would like.

It’s on my mind right now; I can travel and do what I’m doing; I’ve considered it. I’d probably go to Spain, all the prettier places, and maybe even New York if I had more time.

“Blackpool probably isn’t the hottest place in the world; it would have to be somewhere hot.”

In a previous interview, Ally disclosed that her videos had made her more than £300,000 since she began using the site – but it wasn’t a smooth ride.

She said that getting trolled and abused online and in person has made her life “hellish.”

It has happened to me that people have tried to hurt me in the street, shouted names about my career, and stalked me.

I find it hard, but I try to tell myself it’s just silly stuff. Others have said they will tell everyone about me at my old school. People love gossiping about it, but it’s horrible and shouldn’t be accepted in this line of work.” “It’s expected in this line of work since it is still so taboo.

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