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July 17, 2022

In OnlyFans, I make $60K a Month Escaping Minimum-Wage Hell – and My Mom’s Basement

I went from being a call center worker to becoming a cash-strapped content creator.

A Canadian woman talks about the unexpected success she found on OnlyFans – and how it changed her life.

She worked in retail stores, warehouses, and call centers for over a decade before starting her X-rated account in 2018.

When I was young, I thought I’d be thrilled to make six figures monthly – and now I do!” 

Her OnlyFans page started as a side gig before fans fawned on her incredible physique and gigantic 38DDD breasts.

It has always been a minimum wage job for me. The busty brunette earned $10 an hour plus commission in the call center. My winters were spent huddled around a tiny space heater trying not to freeze to death.”

Ultimately, Switch moved back into her mother’s basement at 26, where she worked odd jobs for three years.

I was still working my last job painting houses when I started. As a result, I would work 12-14 hours all day and then come home and watch OnlyFans at night,” she recalled. Since January 2020, I have been focusing on this full-time. 

Despite posting X-rated sex videos on her OnlyFans account, Switch makes most of her money by building relationships with paying subscribers.

Sometimes she spends up to 12 hours a day messaging men who tip her.

According to the stunner, “I have a special connection with my fans.”. “Some of my fans send me silly dad jokes or we exchange pet pictures.”

On her OnlyFans account, Switch speaks openly about men’s mental health.

Mental health is essential for everyone – including women!” she declared.

The Switch hasn’t changed her spending habits, and she still counts her pennies despite her newfound wealth.

“I live a modest life. Even though I own a very nice house and am buying it, I still drive a $3,000 car and don’t wear jewelry,” she said. My money is all deposited in the bank. The only thing I want is property, not adornments.”

Switch plans to retire to a remote farm after retiring from the limelight.

Despite her hard work and determination, she never imagined she would reach this level of success financially.

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