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April 19, 2023

In Sexy Pink Lingerie, The Gorgeous OnlyFans Golf Girl Smiles Big

With her golf instructional videos and OnlyFans channels, Grace Charis is already beginning to make a huge name for herself among golf influencers.

OnlyFans subscriber Grace Charis is wearing bright pink lingerie and smiles very cheekily. She aims to become one of the world’s most famous golf influencers like Paige Spiranac.

With one million views on TikTok already under her belt, the Californian now plans to reach the six-figure mark on YouTube.

With every passing week, Charis is getting closer to the 3.7m followers Spiranac boasts. With her latest post, Charis showed her gratitude to her fans with a big, beaming smile.

On her Instagram story, Charis posted a classic mirror selfie. Various parts of her baby pink lingerie outfit were see-through. Not one to miss a chance to promote herself, she also uploaded a link to her Snapchat account. The golf influencer trailblazer by Spiranac is one of the latest girls to jump on board.

She said it was flattering that so many are inspired by her, and she seems to be relaxed about up-and-coming influencers. Charis, however, has already stated that she wants to become a name in her own right rather than be compared to Spiranac.

“My first million views on TikTok were something special,” a very proud Charis said when asked about her most memorable accomplishments. “At the moment, I’m aiming to reach one million subscribers on YouTube,” she said.

“In my life, I haven’t won too many trophies, so it’s nice to have them to show my mom – she’s proud.” With her current popularity and the fact that her name and status seem to be growing every week, we predict things will only get better for her.

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