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April 22, 2023

In the Supermarket, A Star of OnlyFans Filmed a Sex Video With a ‘Minor’

OnlyFans star Michelle Comi has been spotted shopping with her adult star partner at a supermarket after being criticized for filming a sex tape with a ‘minor’.

After recording lewd materials with a minor, a controversial OnlyFans star filmed a sex video in a supermarket. Daddy Bunny and Michelle Comi were spotted doing a “joke” video in a supermarket with their partners.

In the past, Comi made headlines for a sex video she filmed with a subscriber to her account, who turned out to be minor.

After her controversial encounter with a minor, she’s now in a raunchy supermarket sex tape with her partner.

According to reports, the minor in her previous altercation was under 18 at the time the video was shot and was born in 2005. After several selections, I picked and met the guy I wanted to record the video with.

“We shot the video, but I still didn’t get him to sign the documents.” However, Comi has continued to work in the industry and recently appeared with Daddy Bunny.

It was reported that Comi, who also makes a lot of appearances on Twitch and TikTok, was in the store with her colleague, who is also an adult content creator. According to reports, they shot the porn in the store as a joke about sex taboos.

In a previous interview, the controversial OnlyFans star said she hoped the minor “enjoyed himself” while making the elicit video with her. She then said, “I’m looking for a partner again. I hope he enjoyed himself.”

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