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May 6, 2023

It’s Not True That Katie Price Makes Only £150 On OnlyFans

She’s been a top earner on OnlyFans since joining the racy subscription site last year, but rumours say she makes next to nothing.

There are claims that Katie Price’s OnlyFans earnings have boosted her bank balance by just a few hundred dollars.

Last year, the 44-year-old announced she’d joined the adult-only subscription site by posing in a raunchy nun costume. After describing the platform as “something she was born to do”, the star soon racked up thousands of followers.

The debate over how much she pocketed has continued. According to reports, she only made £150 monthly from the racy site. According to Katie, that’s just wild – and she earns a shed load from her subscribers.

In an interview with business coach Lewis Raymond Taylor, Katie revealed she’s planning to have a sixth baby and explained how she makes money with OnlyFans.

“Would you think that a person who has worked in that field for 25 years is only going to earn £150?” she asked him.

You should add a couple of zeros to that. “Everyone hears what they want to hear, which has a detrimental effect on the future.

“No longer do I have to justify anything to anyone anymore – I am living proof that I am capable of being knocked down and rising back up.” Her seventh autobiography is already in the works, and a new book will be out soon.

Having been through so much since the last book ended, I am confident my next book will do well. According to rumours, Katie receives a whopping £2.24 million per year from OnlyFans for her autobiographies.

According to experts, Katie’s earnings are in the seven figures. According to Bonus Insider, Katie was the second-highest new earner among celebrities who joined the platform in 2022.

She reportedly finished second behind Brazilian volleyball star Key Alves, who earned $4.48 million (£4.02 million) and was followed by Denise Richards, wrestler Paige VanZant, and rocker Tommy Lee.

Katie ranked 12th among the top 30 celebrity OnlyFans earners in 2022. She wrote that she was excited about joining OnlyFans and intends to publish content that is exclusive to OnlyFans. I want to know my most loyal followers. In addition to revealing lots of inside secrets, I will have a lot of fun.

“Of course, there will be glamorous pictures. My favourite thing is being in front of the camera. This is where it all started.

“My OnlyFans channel will empower me as a female creator and hopefully give me the confidence to share much more intimate footage and pictures without worrying about society’s trolls.”

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