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January 24, 2024

‘Jealous’ Husband Murdered OnlyFans Model, Then Posed Online As Her For a Week’

A Russian OnlyFans star’s husband has been sentenced to just eight years in prison for hacking his wife to death and dumping her body in the bathtub.

A 26-year-old adult star from St. Petersburg, Russia, was stabbed at least 22 times at the end of July 2022. After Anastasia’s body was thrown in the bathtub, her husband took her phone and acted like she was on social media for a week.

During a week of pretending to be Anastasia, Khamlovsky answered texts from her best friends.

One of Anastasia’s friends notified the police when she was found dead on 10th August. After telling the police that his wife had mental problems, Khamlovsky confessed to killing her.

When his wife was lying on his lap with her back to him, he stabbed her and left her to die.

As stated in a statement, the Frunzensky District Court of St. Petersburg sentenced Dmitry Khamlovsky (Chernyshov) to life imprisonment for failing to obey the criminal laws of the Russian Federation as outlined in Part 1 of Article 105.

According to the report, the husband had previously engaged in multiple conflicts of jealousy that resulted in 22 knife stabs to the victim’s head, neck, torso, and upper limbs.

Several stab, cut, and partially penetrating stab wounds caused her death. In his plea, Khamlovsky admitted his guilt. The court sentenced the defendant to eight years of imprisonment in a high-security penal colony.

After a year, the body of another Russian model who called Putin a psychopath was found inside a suitcase in March 2022.

Also on social media, 23-year-old Gretta Vedler wrote that Putin’s drive to improve Russia would not end well. In February 2021, after a row over money, her ex-boyfriend Dmitry Korovin, 23, strangled her to death in Moscow.

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