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December 17, 2021

Jessika Power Reveals How Much Money She Made in Her First Four Months on OnlyFans

Actress Jessika Power signed up for OnlyFans in August. The blonde bombshell has already earned more money than many people make in a lifetime on the adults-only platform.

In an interview with KIIS FM’s Summer Breakfast with Mitch Churi, the 29-year-old said she had earned over $278,000.

Although she clarified that she still must pay tax on her earnings, which makes the process ‘boring’. 

‘You have to pay taxes on it. The more money you have, the more tedious things become because you have to hire a financial advisor and a tax agent.

She says her haters should ‘p**s off’ because she enjoys making adult content.  

Since day one, what I do is what makes me comfortable. It’s literally what makes me happy. Ignore everyone’s opinion!” She said.

You can find anything from innocent selfies to hardcore pornography on OnlyFans, a subscription-based adult website. 

Jessica earned a whopping $50,000 in the first five days of using the content subscription service. 

Earlier this month, the Daily Telegraph reported that Jessika ‘leaves no room for imagination’ with her risqué posts.

It appears that one clip on her account is “too graphic to describe,” and there’s much more to her account than just lingerie and bikini content. 

The subscriptions cost $15 per month, and she has accumulated 9,000 paying subscribers.


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