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August 20, 2023

Kanye West Sent a Direct Message To An OnlyFans Model

Bianca Censori is Kanye West’s Australian wife, and their recent pictures demonstrate that they are very happy together. According to Marca, Ye was looking for an ideal partner before they married, but he had one condition: she must be Australian.

The Life of Pablo hitmaker slid into Mikaela Testa’s DMs following this White Fox After Hour podcast revelation.

He DM’d me saying, ‘Hi.’ It is comfortable for me to refer to Kanye West as he is now married. I received his number. I sent him a WhatsApp message.

That was the extent of the discussion. Eventually, he began dating an Australian woman and messaged another acquaintance of mine, an Australian. Maybe he was messaging Australian girls at that time. A girl from Australia is what he is looking for!”

Judi James, a body language expert, describes Ye and Yeezy architect as an “ideal match” as he treats her as a “status equal.”

“Kanye’s body language with Bianca indicates what appears to be a first for the producer and fashion expert,” he commented, ” In previous relationships, he has adopted moody, cool, and sulky postures, but his posture here appears almost normal,” he explained.

According to the 60-year-old, Kanye does not regard her on a pedestal as he did with Kim, nor does he appear to be dating her on a short-term basis. “It appears he has found his perfect match in body language, and the like-bodied postures suggest like-minded thinking as well.”


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