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September 27, 2023

Kendra Lust, Allie Rae on Tyreek Hill’s Desire to Be a Pornstar After Retirement

Kendra Lust and Allie Rae both endorsed Tyreek Hill joining OnlyFans, believing that the NFL star will be able to earn millions through the platform.

Tyreek Hill contributed significantly to the Miami Dolphins’ massive victory over the Denver Broncos. Hill had 157 yards in nine receptions at a rate of 17.4 yards per catch and also took part in a recess.

The video of Hill’s interaction with Mike Evans on Twitch has gone viral on social media after claimed to have become a pornstar after retiring from the sport. During a live stream, Hill said.

With an exciting offer, Kendra Lust, a famous adult star, took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to support Tyreek Hill’s dream. “Her response to OutKick’s tweet was,” Yeah.

In addition, Lust suggested that Hill make a lot of money with OnlyFans and said, “Tell him I can assist him in making millions of dollars.”

Allie Rae also backed Tyreek Hill to join the subscription-based platform as she believed he could earn millions of dollars there; Hill believed Allie.

Regarding Hill’s current profession, the OnlyFans sensation told OutKick, “As a man, this industry just does not convert much better than it does for women.”





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