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February 10, 2024

Lacey Evans and Mandy Rose Collaborate on OnlyFans Content

In the years since she left WWE, Mandy Rose has been busy with her exclusive websites. The success of Rose’s FanTime, or OnlyFans, is undeniable. Lacey Evans, another former WWE Superstar, is set to collaborate with her.

On Instagram, Mandy Rose revealed that the two former WWE Superstars would collaborate on their exclusive websites.

“Check out the Kim Possible link in my bio,” Mandy Rose shared.

The Final Day of Mandy Rose’s NXT Career

During an interview with Busted Open Radio, the former Golden Goddess discussed her last night with the Black and Gold Brand.

There are a lot of mixed emotions. Mandy Rose recalled the crazy day. It was just such a mixed feeling for me. It’s my sense of humor to make jokes about it. When there is a lot of media and press around a particular situation, like there was that day, I make jokes like, this is it, girls. I got that from my dad.

The WWE Hasn’t Ruled Out a Return For Mandy Rose

Her comments on the Power Alphas Podcast also suggested that she is not ruling out ultimately returning to WWE. In the meantime, she is enjoying her life and is planning to get married as soon as possible.

Obviously, there are a lot of wrestling questions. “I’ll just give you a general answer when I return to WWE,” Mandy Rose said. “I’m still determining if I will ever return to WWE; I have no idea what lies ahead.” My life is going great right now, and I’m getting married soon.

“The plans are extensive and exciting; we’ve got a lot of trips in the works. There you go, that’s your answer. There is no such thing as closing doors. I would only return for my fans, for you guys. I miss you guys just as much as you miss me,” Mandy Rose said.

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